Australia’s Deadliest Animal!

Back before I was Amandoll, I was just a writer on an old humor website. Some of our original works, heavily edited, are offered up here on Sneer Campaign — a site where we don’t have word count minimums of 2000 so any rambling you see on here is honest and not due to filler. I also used to make comics with ink pens, on actual paper.

I only have a few of those up currently, because I just lived a long time without a scanner. But today I remembered that phones have them in their cameras! Welcome to the new age where I share my favorite old comics with you, the ones that don’t give me a headache to look at because was I just constantly in a state of manic sugar shock throughout my twenties?


I have a three ring binder absolutely filled with pages of these old comics. Some of them, I should just re-draw completely. Others of them could use a second draft or a seasoned critique from myself, now that years of experience are between us. Others, like this one, were only made ten years ago and apparently at this point in my life, I was suddenly able to draw better and make good line work — or at least better line work than before when I apparently only had one .005 point pen.

The comic today really feels like sneer campaign content. It’s truly educational and has some crackpot theorism in there all over the place. There are horsies and puppets. It’s not four pages long like some of these other ones. Nice and succinct, just like we like it!

However, it doesn’t rely entirely on humorous real life conversations like the ones I make these days (although I made quite a few back then, too!) Maybe I could make up entirely new comics again. Maybe now it is time to try once more. Well, not now. But soon!

This hand drawn comic is called Australia's Deadliest Animal! It was made by Amanda Wood on January 2, 2012.

There is a lot going on on this single page comic. The panels bleed into each other and there are so many words. But I will summarize.

A scientist puppet from the National Coronial Information System is giving a report. He is pointing to a chart with a horse head on it. He is telling the gathered press that the most dangerous animal in Australia, the one that causes the most death, is the Common Horse (this is true. This was a real report). 

But the comic asks "what is the Australiasian Coroner's Society *really*?" So we get to see inside to find that there is a gathering of sharks brainstorming because they are hungry. They decide to saturate the media with lies about how dangerous horses are. Their scheme works!

The final, largest panel shows beach goers fleeing into the water because there is a horse on the horizon. The sharks are in the water shouting things like, "Horse on the beach! Run! Run into the water!" and "It's safest here, inside my mouth!"

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