Paradise Regained, 2023

Oh hello. We’re back again. Good day to you we are in a new year, it would seem. Welcome back, everyone. I can’t remember how to write articles.

You’d think that writing is like riding a bike, but it’s more like riding a book or writing a bike. It sounds easy enough until you think about what you’re actually saying and then you stop, confused. I suppose I am forming things that are close to sentences, and you can bet I will be hitting that “publish” button as soon as I can, but my abilities are too far gone at the moment to even pretend this will be a delight to read. Hi! Welcome back to this. You missed it.

A screen capture of the WordPress editor sidebar where it has the Author name (Amandoll) and right underneath it is a button that says "move to trash." I took it personally.
I just noticed this sass in the sidebar region. A type of self-portrait of the author.

Here at the Sneer Campaign, it is a long-standing tradition that we clumsily get the oopsies of motivation and the dropsies of inspiration every single year. It’s kind of our thing, one of our characteristics. Along with an inability to concentrate for long periods, being able to lament long and wild into the night, and to craft run-on sentences of bewildering power, we certainly just lose our hup by the middle of a year and then rally. Sometimes we rally. Sometimes we just decide to wait until some future date when surely we will want to rally by then.

In my opinion though the best most predictable quality that we sneerists have is the fresh-faced enthusiasm we show whenever there is a new beginning. New Years are the most exciting new beginning of them all. By golly we are going to make it through this year, all the way through! Maybe we will only post twice a week, for all we know, but we are going to do so every week of every month — even when we are real-life busy building our real-life empire that you’ll have to come to Covington, KY, to experience. We will still be sneering. Baybee, we won’t abandon you again. Not in 2023. This is our year to be Together. You and us, precious.

I am going to personally be using all of the tricks I have to trick myself into motivation. If we are going to be doing at least eight posts a month, you can rest assured that one of them is going to be an overindulgent self portrait celebrating us, the dolls of sneer campaign, done in a style of a hundred years ago. It’s the best, safest bet. It’s a trick of my trade.

An illustration done in the style of a magazine cover in 1927. Bright, vaguely cubist triangles decorate behind heavily stylized renditions of Dollissa and Amandoll, who have their big eyes crossed in a silly manner.
You MISSED us.

Sneer Back

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